Quality and Certifications

Quality You Can Count On 


Quality control is of utmost importance in the processed fruit and vegetable industry. We have implemented strict measures to ensure our products meet the required quality and safety standards. Our quality control system involves comprehensive testing and inspection of raw materials, processing methods, and finished products to ensure they meet our standards. We can detect any potential defects early in the production process, allowing us to make necessary adjustments to maintain the quality of our products.  

At Vinh Agriculture, our TNG Food factory is equipped with advanced equipment and European technology; hence our quality complies with the highest standards, product consistency, and an efficient production line. In our production chain, from sourcing, picking, processing, sales, and export, we all focus on strict quality control that meets international standards. 

  1. Sourcing: Besides having our farm, we source our fruits and vegetables from other local farms that meet our international quality standards. Our products are sourced and cultivated following our highest food safety standards. 
  2. Picking: We carefully planned harvest time to avoid minimized weather conditions affecting the quality of harvested agricultural products. Fresh fruits and vegetables should take the most direct route to our factory for the slightest chance of spoilage. This ensures that fruit and vegetables are picked following precise specifications. 
  3. Processing: We aim for comprehensive product quality manufactured under strict processes. Our business is based on ethical, transparent practices that are socially responsible and consistently exceed quality requirements. Our quality assurance program is certified by the world’s leading prestigious organizations. 
  4. Sales & Export: Each process step is scrutinized to continually satisfy our customers’ needs. Not just that, we can create customized solutions and product offerings to meet your needs. Our professional team invests high attention to superior service, rapid response time, and experience in consulting and supporting customers. 

Our Certifications 


Our promises are certified. We have been trusted with great commitment. Our prestigious certifications have gradually developed a solid commitment. 

  • Halal Certifications

  • BRC Certifications

  • Kosher Certifications